Dance Quotes

Here is a collection of quotes on Gorean Dancing and dancing in general. It will be updated as quotes are discovered. These quotes are meant to uplift, enourage and inspire. Feel free to share.

Book Quotes:

“Slave dance, that form of dance, in its thousands of variations, in which a female may excitingly and beautifully, marvellously and fulfillingly, express the depths and profoundities of her nature.” – Magicians of Gor

“There is nothing coy or teasing about a Gorean dancer if the dance is of the scrolls. The girl wishes to be taken, wishes to please, she wishes to excite them, and twist them with torments of desire, and make them gasp and scream with pleasure! They would not compromise with a woman like me. They would want her too much. They would throw her to their feet. They would dominate and master me, mercilessly! I was a female. In the arms of no other sort of man could I be fulfilled!” – Dancer of Gor

“Slave dance,’ on Gor incidentally, is a very rich and varied dance form. It covers a great deal more than simple ‘ethnic dance.’ For example, it includes dances such as hunt dances, capture dances, submission dances, chain dances, whip dances, and such. Perhaps what is done in slave dance on Gor would count as ‘exotic dance’ on Earth, but, if we are thinking of the actual kinds of dances performed, then there is much in slave dance, for example, story dances, which are seldom, if ever, included in ‘exotic dance’ on Earth, and there are forms of dance in ‘exotic dance’ which for one reason or another, are seldom, if ever, seen on Gor, for example, certain forms of carnival dancing, such as bubble dancing or fan dancing. Perhaps the reason such dances are seldom, if ever, seen on Gor, is that Goreans would be likely to regard them as being ‘real dance.’ They would be regarded, I think, as little more than culturally idiosyncratic forms of comedic teasing. They are, at any rate, not the sort of dance, or the ‘danse-du-ventre’ sort, so pleasing to strong men, which a slave on Gor, fearing the whip must often learn to perform.” – Dancer of Gor

“In Gorean female dance the girl is expected, often, to satisfy, fully, whatever passions she succeeds in arousing in her audience. She is not permitted merely to excite, and flee away; when; at the conclusion of the swirling music, she flings herself to the floor at the mercy of free men, her dance is but half finished; she has yet to pay the price of her beauty.” – Tribesmen of Gor

“At that moment there was an exciting skirl of music, a flash of bells, a burst of color, a jangle of beads, and a cry of enthusiasm from the patrons, and a dancer was on the floor.

After her entry she stood silent, not moving, posed, ready, on the floor. I could sense the anticipatory even the difference in breathing, of the men. Then the music began, softly, slowly, and the dancer, looking about herself began to move, obedient to the melody of masters.

“Is she a slave?” I asked.

“Certainly,” said he in whose charge I was. “It may be hard to see, beneath the necklaces, so many of them, but there is a collar there, close-fitting, steel, and locked.”

“Much as mine,” I said.

“Yes,” he said.

“She is so beautiful,” I said. “She is so soft, so feminine, so utterly female, so vulnerable, so needful.”

“A slave,” said Lykos.

“It is so beautiful,” I said. “What is it called?”

“It is a form of dance fit for slaves, is it not?” he said.

“Yes,” I breathed, awed, rapt.

“Slave dance,” said he in whose charge I was.

“Slave dance,” I whispered.

“Yes,” he said.

“I have seen something like it,” I said, “on my former world, but I scarcely dared look upon it.”

“It spoke to you of things which stirred you, things for which you longed, but which you feared, spoke to you of a distant, or forgotten, world, one a thousand times more real, I suspect, than that which you knew. It spoke to you of how women might be before men, as slaves, and how men might look upon women, as masters.”

“Yes,” I whispered, “but here it seems somehow different.”

“It is different here,” he said, “for this is such a world.”

“I think I know this dance, or sort of dance,” said Astrinax.

“It will have its phases, its swiftness, and its slowness, its emotions, insolence, pride, defiance, apprehension, recognition, feat, struggle, defeat, surrender, and submission.”

I heard, it startling me, the cracking of a whip. The dancer reacted, as though struck, but the blade had not touched her.

Occasionally it snapped again, and again, and, at the end of the dance, as is often the case in such dance, the dancer is prostrate, clearly submitted and owned. In this particular dance she was kneeling and the fellow with the whip was behind her. He placed the whip coiled, against the back of her neck, and she lowered her head. The men about voiced their approval, and several smote their left shoulders with their right hand. Others uttered trilling noises or staccato bursts of sound. Others pounded on the tables. She then sprang to her feet and hurried from the floor, followed by the fellow with the whip.”
– Conspirators of Gor

General Dance Quotes:

“The dance can reveal everything mysterious that is hidden in music, and it has the additional merit of being human and palpable. Dancing is poetry with arms and legs.” – Charles Baudelaire

“Nobody cares if you dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion” – Martha Graham

“Dance is your pulse, your heartbeat, your breathing. It’s the rhythm of your life. It’s the expression in time and movement, in happiness, joy, sadness and envy.” -Jacques d’Amboise

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