Introduction to Gorean Slave Dance

Gorean slave dancing….just exactly what is it and why is it so important? Let’s start out with a quote from the Gorean Saga by John Norman:

“Slave dance, that form of dance, in its thousands of variations, in which a female may excitingly and beautifully, marvellously and fulfillingly, express the depths and profoundities of her nature.” – Magicians of Gor p. 44

So, according to this quote, one of the purposes of slave dance is for a girl to express the depths and profoundities of her nature. Slave dance is one of the few ways in which a girl can invite the Free to see the world through her eyes. Within the dance the slave can invite those watching to enter her life, her thoughts and her view on things even if for those few minutes while she’s dancing.

Gorean slaves most often dance to please or entice a Master, so very often their dances express those feelings a slave may have regarding the Free. However, she may also express her feelings on slavery, on happenings within her life or any number of other topics. One word of caution – even though a girl is free to express her feelings and thoughts via slave dancing she still must face the consequences of such expressions. So if a girl should choose to express anger at her Master or another free or some other form of derogatory thoughts she may still be punished for having those thoughts. Most often this isn’t a concern, though, as usually the girls express positive and pleasing emotions, thoughts and needs via the dance.

There is another reason that slave dancing is an important skill for slaves to acquire.

I am fond of slave dances. It is hard for a woman to be more beautiful than when she dances her beauty as a slave before masters.” – Mercenaries of Gor

Slaves dance because the Masters enjoy watching them dance. It is said on Gor that within every woman is a dancer. The Masters of Gor fully believe this and as the quote above states they find women beautiful when they dance. The dance is a way for slaves to entice and please Masters. If a girl has fallen into disgrace and displeased a Free, she may regain her stature and his pleasure by dancing. If a girl should desire a Master to take her to the furs, to collar her or she just wants to impress a certain Master it can all be done by dance.

Within Second Life a slave dance using an avatar and animations. But that isn’t all. It is also expected in gorean dance within Second Life that the girl will emote. She will emote not only her movements, but express her feelings and thoughts. This emoting is to add a fullness to the dance since facial expressions within second life are not possible. Thus the full experience of slave dancing within second life entails music, costume, emoting and at times even props. Slave dancing within second life can be like poetry in motion. It’s truly a creative work of art and is something beautiful to see.

There is no set style of slave dancing on Gor. One can find girls dancing in a wide variety of methods and styles. Some may be similar to belly dance while other are more like exotic dancers. Some may resemble ballet, while others are more primitive in nature. The style, the method and the meaning can be as varied as the girls who dance. The girl’s body type, her mood, the moods of those around her, or even the subject of her dance will determine the type and style of dance which will be performed.

“The true dancing girl, who has a great aptitude for such matters, and years of experience, is a marvel to behold, for she seems always different, subtle and surprising. Some of these girls, interestingly, are not even particularly beautiful, though in the dance they become so. I expect a great deal has to do with the girl’s sensitivity to her audience, with her experience in playing to, and interacting with, different audiences, teasing and delighting them in different ways, making them think they will be disappointed, or that she is poor, and then suddenly, by contrast, startling them, astonishing them and driving them wild with the madness of their desire for her. Such a girl, after a dance, may snatch up dozens of gold pieces from the sand, putting them in her silk, scurrying back to her master.” – Assassin of Gor, p.91

Dancing slaves, girls who show a great aptitude in ability to dance, will demand a much higher price than other slaves. They are in high demand and their skills held in such esteem that it will increase their value. Is it also expected that a girl who dances must be willing and able to satisfies any sexual needs her dance may illicit within those who are watching – yet often the dancer is negotiated separately from the paga slaves. It is not common for the dancing slave to come with the price of paga, yet her purpose is to entertain the men of the tavern, entice them and encourage them to frequent the tavern often. Dancing slaves can be quite an asset to a tavern owner.

“In Gorean female dance the girl is expected, often, to satisfy, fully, whatever passions she succeeds in arousing in her audience. She is not permitted merely to excite, and flee away; when; at the conclusion of the swirling music, she flings herself to the floor at the mercy of free men, her dance is but half finished; she has yet to pay the price of her beauty.” – Tribesmen of Gor

Slave dancing may be done in the nude, in silks or partially both- maybe starting out in silks and ending naked. Chains, tethers, leashes and jewelry can also be used to decorate the dancer and as part of the dance. A Master may become involved in the dance by using a whip to encourage that slave to dance more beautifully or writhe with more need. This and other types of dances, clothing, music and other aspects of Gorean slave dancing will be covered in upcoming posts on this blog.

As a final word, reminder and hopeful encouragement to those slaves who wish to become dancers:

“There is nothing coy or teasing about a Gorean dancer if the dance is of the scrolls. The girl wishes to be taken, wishes to please, she wishes to excite them, and twist them with torments of desire, and make them gasp and scream with pleasure! They would not compromise with a woman like me. They would want her too much. They would throw her to their feet. They would dominate and master me, mercilessly! I was a female. In the arms of no other sort of man could I be fulfilled!” – Dancer of Gor

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