Tile Dance

TILE DANCE Criteria:

  1. The dance is usually performed with the slaves body on the floor, typically red tiles, before a Master’s couch, with her neck chained to the slave ring.
  2. The girl first moves sensuously as if she is completely alone and only she is aware of her sexual need
  3. She then appears surprised by the Master’s attention and attempts to suppress and hide her tormenting lust
  4. She finally surrenders her pride and openly begs him to touch her.


“The tile dance is commonly performed on red tiles, usually beneath the slave ring of the master’s couch. The girl performs the dance on her back, her stomach and sides. Usually her neck is chained to the slave ring. The dance signifies the restlessness, the misery, of a love-starved slave girl. It is a premise of the dance that the girl moves and twists, and squirms, in her need, as if she is completely alone, as if her need is known only to herself; then, supposedly, the master surprises her, and she attempts to suppress the helplessness and torment of her needs; then, failing this, surrendering her pride in its final shred, she writhes openly, piteously, before him, begging him to deign to touch her. Needless to say, the entire dance is observed by the master, and this, in fact, of course, is known to both the dancer and her audience, the master. The tile dance, for simple psychological and behavioral reasons, having to do with the submission context and the motions of the body, can piteously arouse even a captured, cold free woman; in the case of a slave, of course, it can make her scream and sob with need.”

-Explorers of Gor

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